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7 Ways to Start Loving YOU

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Loving yourself sometimes sounds selfish, doesn't it???

If you are like me, you’ve likely been brought up to believe that you should always put others first. You don’t want to be thought of as being all about ‘Me, Me, Me’ because you’re not... No. No you're not. You care for others and you put others before you.

However, loving yourself is important too. Let me explain . . .

First, loving yourself means appreciating, valuing, and respecting everything about you that makes you... YOU. Loving yourself includes caring, supporting, and nurturing your passions, dreams, and hopes. loving yourself is trusting and believing in yourself when others create feelings of doubt or insecurities.

Loving yourself is also loving others. Because when you feel love for yourself you become the best version of YOU - which is what inspires others to reach for their dreams too.

Here are 7 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved:

1. Choose to be happy

Just as you go out of your way to spread joy to others, nurturing your own peace of mind is a cornerstone of self-love. Choosing to be happy means letting go the past and focusing on the present.

2. Invest in YOU

It’s time to stop stressing and fretting over all the things you think should be... Instead, it’s time for you to flourish, blossom, and shine. Practice self-appreciation by getting back to the authentic you. Start by being honest with yourself about what genuinely motivates and inspires you. Get excited about what makes you happy. Welcome your passions. Let your purpose find you. And carpe that diem, baby!!!

3. Create space in your life

Reducing stress can be some of the strongest acts of self-love. Simplifying your overburdened ‘to-do’ and ‘to-be’ lists will bring an ocean of calm that will allow you to cope so much better with whatever your day brings.

4. Keep only the best memories

Memories are a hugely powerful influence, because by their very nature, you remember them over and over. That repetition wears a terrible groove in your thinking. Release the memories that bring you down and choose to keep only those memories that bring a smile to your beautiful, smiling face.

5. Reinvent yourself

Words say so much. They’re your biggest give-away too. Look at the labels you describe yourself by, they’ll highlight the areas where you truly wish for change. Swap any that have a less than positive connotation for compassionate, more encouraging versions. Words are powerful... Use yours to uplift yourself and take positive steps to be the you that YOU desire to be.

6. Build nurturing relationships

Love is right up there with air and water for sustaining life. Show yourself love by lavishing time and energy on those who reciprocate your love. Sensitively but firmly release toxic and negative people from your life who do not value you as you wished to be valued. By living as your authentic self, you’ll automatically be incredibly attractive and eminently lovable to like-minded people who will cherish you and enhance every moment you spend together.

7. Be your own cheerleader

Trust me – I know it’s easy to lose your voice in the desire to be polite, thoughtful, considerate. Yeah, it’s reallllllllllyyy tricky… However, by holding back on expressing your views and opinions, you are inadvertently eroding your inner belief in yourself. BE BOLD. Show your core values respect by sharing them appropriately with others and automatically build your confidence in their validity.

By being a nurturing, appreciating and supporting yourself, you can and will rediscover your inner sparkle. When you love yourself, you can light up and bedazzle the world!!!

It's your time to Blossom... And be AWESOME!!!

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