Believe It. Pursue It. Achieve It.

"Building my brand - #learn2loveYOU - was my journey to learning to love myself, healing my broken heart, and leaving my trauma-filled past behind me. The ideology of “My Sweetest Aloha” allowed me to find my passions, use my voice for change, and inspire others to make big changes in support of their own personal journey's."

~ Alessandra



Real Estate Agent • Public Relations Expert • Non-Profit Consultant
Non-Profit Growth & Startup • Community Education Instructor • Volunteer
Strategic Business Planner • Civic Servant • Disruptive Innovation Enthusiast
Speaker Success & Leadership Coach • Mental Health & Recovery Coach
Author • Multimedia Journalist • Travel & Nature Photographer
Mentor & Leader • Advocate • Humanitarian

"Life is a twisted, funny, messy, BEAUTIFUL Rainbow... Enjoy the Journey!!!"

As a Program Director, I was able to serve people who struggled with Substance Use Disorder &/or Mental Illness. It was incredibly rewarding to work with people who were finding their own recovery paths. In Idaho, I served my community in a variety of volunteer positions, from Crisis Counseling to advocating at Town Hall Meetings. Leaving Hope & Recovery was a challenging decision... Yet, I was ready for a new adventure that would allow me to grow & broaden my horizons. I have fallen in love the who've become and I enjoy the opportunities I have to improve the loves of others with my unique talents. 

I feel extreme gratitude for the past experiences which shaped my life. I'm grateful to have been raised with a mom and dad who believed community engagement means more than a church calling, a one-time event, or something that only gets put on the list of things to do but never gets done. I appreciate the lessons I've learned and I enjoy helping others to find their paths of healing and healthy living. I really do love life I've created and I am blessed to be able to use my talents to improve my community with volunteerism and non-profit consulting.

I enjoy producing events that are as well organized & grounded as they are creative & vibrant. I truly love supporting people in creating their vision & bringing it to life. When I'm not working on some purposeful gig (think community, music, wellness, mindfulness, positive vibes), you can find me writing articles or “bedazzling” something for social media, coaching (think fitness, yoga, personal training, or life), consulting (think media strategy or public policy), & speaking publicly on a variety of social topics.

In my spare time, I do what others call crazy or insane: I take pleasure in the Ragnar Relay Series, Dragon Boat Racing, The Color Run, etc... Life is meant to be enjoyed, lived, & pursued.

Aloha (love) & gratitude are the most sincere emotions I can express... I'm happy to have the talent to bedazzle life. I'm joyful to be able to meet new people & hear their stories of courage, hope, & determination. Mostly, I'm honored to be able to share in their journey. I didn't plan this path for my life ~ God did... & my faith allowed me to find God's plan for me during a difficult time that was very dark and lonely. God granted me serenity... As I share my aloha, I hope you find serenity & allow God to open your divine path towards becoming a better you as you learn to love YOU the way God loves you.

Mahalo Nui Loa!!!

~ Alessandra


“The things that I'm afraid others will judge... Are exactly the things that made me who I am. My past doesn't define me but it does define the things that shaped my reALIty.

I've learned to let my past ~ surviving domestic violence, a legal name change, a public custody battle, being arrested, time in Federal Prison, becoming a journalist, finding recovery, and serving my community ~ fuel my passion for personal growth, advocating change and inspiring others with my story of healing and learning to love myself."

Alessandra Toscanelli