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With over 5 million viewers on Google+ and over 30k followers on LinkedIn,

Alessandra Toscanelli's message of spreading aloha has become a movement…

That’s not what she does best, though.

Alessandra Toscanelli is an experienced leader in her community – from a micro to a macro level. In her personal life, Alessandra donates her time and her talents to improving the lives of others. From starting homeless projects to building volunteer centers and crisis centers, her collaboration skills and behaviors have led to dramatically positive changes in her communities. As she works with local law officials, elected officials, state and federal agencies, stakeholders in the community, local businesses and non-profits to accomplish social change – Alessandra keeps those she is serving at the heart of everything she does. A caring and empathic person, Alessandra believes community kindness is what keeps our communities and businesses thriving as we live in this post-apocalyptic COVID-19 world.

As a non-profit consultant, Alessandra’s complete understanding of the complex private and public funding issues allows her to identify weaknesses, research solutions, and structure a solid clear path for increasing funding streams which accomplishes change, long-term stability within an organization, and perpetually moves the non-profit towards the goals of fulfilling the mission within the community.

Alessandra also provides game-changing insights on the less obvious struggles of non-profits; Issues such as Board of Directors vs Committees or Councils and the financial obligations of each designation, branding – what works and what doesn’t, capitalizing on social engagement, low volunteerism, lack of support by elected officials, staffing issues and human resources complexities, and trainings, trainings, trainings.

Alessandra has been featured as a Keynote speaker for mental health conferences, a public advocate for local officials, an accomplished journalist. She loves helping people become the best versions of themselves and enjoys being the occasional private coach for local business leaders and hopeful electoral candidates. She is an advocate for community volunteer programs, youth self-awareness programs, inmate rights, returning citizens, those seeking long-term recovery from addiction or mental health issues, domestic violence victims, fighting the stigma of addiction recovery and mental health maintenance, the homeless, veterans, and the elderly. Alessandra has a passion for giving hope to the hopeless, advocating for the underdog, fighting for social justice, community acceptance and inspiring change.

Alessandra is educated in mental health is the prior Program Director for Hope and Recovery Resource Center, in Pocatello, ID. She served on the Board of Directors and is a founding member of Big Momma’s House – a homeless shelter with wraparound supportive services to provide ongoing self-improvement courses and life skills, manage mental health and sustain new behavioral patterns, provide life skills training, financial planning for self-sufficiency, provide peer-to-peer support that we as humans need in order to effectively change their lives. Alessandra also serves as Co-Chair for the Washington County Volunteer Advisory Committee - a new volunteer center in St. George, UT that is opening summer of 2020.

As the prior Media and Public Relations Specialist for Five County Associations of Government, in St. George, UT, Alessandra is vastly experienced with social media, press releases, government guidelines, government agencies and organizations, government programs which use matching grant funds, and in exploiting all avenues for expanding services within a community to assist more people. She believes it is possible to serve more with less money.

Alessandra writes articles for the news, LinkedIn, mental health websites, and her own blog. She attended Idaho State University, Boise State University, BYU-Hawaii, and is now pursuing her MPA from Ashford University in CA. With a Real Estate License in Utah and extensive mental health training – She  is a well-respected in her fields of study. Alessandra is a highly-skilled communicator and writer whose professional and personal experiences out way anything she learned in a text book or classroom – She believes our greatest teacher is life. Alessandra is a recognized expert on living with Mental Illness, Addiction Recovery, Social Psychology and Organizational Psychology, Cross-Cultural Communications, Connectional Intelligence, Civic and Volunteer Engagement and Empathic Leadership.

With her aloha style, dedication to building strong teams, a creative and empathic approach, creativity, and visionary approach for helping non-profits and volunteering organizations, Alessandra Toscanelli is a charismatic and energetic storyteller who helps audiences understand how to lead and influence with 21st century collaboration in the modern workplace led by global, virtual, multi-generational and matrixed teams.

By providing audiences with the right tools and knowledge, Alessandra Toscanelli has helped countless non-profits unleash their fundraising and volunteering potential, paving the way towards both non-profit and community success.

An expert in a new way of connecting with others - Alessandra promotes the ideological perspective of Connectional Intelligence. Her speeches and courses combine the three pillars of modern business success: collaboration, innovation and empathy.

When non-profits want to fully harness the intelligence across their organization, break silos and get big things done, they call Alessandra Toscanelli. She is the affectionately and respectfully called “the non-profit whisperer” or “ a non-profits “money honey” (for good reason - she continuously raises more funds with her out-of-box problem solving and "bedazzling" ideas) as she harnesses the strengths of an organization to maximize donations, capitalize on local events, expand exposure and increase volunteering efforts.

Whether in the board room or public venue, Alessandra challenges audiences and organizations to unlock their collective power of teams by bringing together law enforcement, government agencies (local, state, and federal) philanthropists,  members of all religions, local business owners, non-profit organizations, volunteers, community leaders, elected government officials and other powerful financial stakeholders.

Alessandra Toscanelli has helped countless organizations find stability, sustainability, and reach their niche within a community. She has assisted in creating a sustainable model for volunteer recovery centers in Idaho. She has opened numerous non-profits with the help of those she calls “her teammates.” Alessandra was an integral part of the creation of a new crisis center – the South East Idaho Behavioral Crisis Center was “her baby” and one of her most beloved projects as it serves those who need assistance the most. She believes in serving along side her fellow man/woman and is dedicated to the task at hand. Alessandra serves on the Board of Directors for several mental health organizations and non-profits. She is a force for change – An Innovator, Disruptor, and Leader, Alessandra Toscanelli motivates others to give more, donate more, and serve more.

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